Majority of Long Covid Patients Persists To Have Symptoms

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  • Long Covid is when former Covid-19 patients still show signs and symptoms following recovery from infection.

  • Five of the most frequently reported symptoms were fatigue, difficulty breathing while performing an activity, coughing, discomfort, and difficulty sleeping soundly.

Majority of Long Covid Patients Persists To Have Symptoms

PETALING JAYA: Between November 2020 and September this year, more than 60% of long Covid patients sent to the rehabilitation centre at Hospital Sungai Buloh continued to have persistent symptoms, according to Health Director-General Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah.

Dr Noor Hisham said that between four and twelve weeks after infection, 2,712 long Covid patients were referred to the Covid-19 Rehabilitation Outpatient Specialised Services (Cross) at Hospital Sungai Buloh.

984 cases (36.3 percent) recovered entirely from symptoms, 1,715 cases (63.2 percent) continued to have symptoms, and 13 cases (0.05 percent) proved fatal.

“However, checks on their medical records found that there were other comorbidities factors contributing to these deaths, such as cancer, kidney failure, heart attack, blood infection and lung infection.”

“Generally, most Covid-19 patients in Malaysia have the potential to make a full recovery, but there are a few patients facing complications known as long Covid.”

“Long Covid is when former Covid-19 patients still show signs and symptoms following recovery from infection," he said in a statement on Wednesday (Nov 10).

Dr Noor Hisham said that a review of the same database revealed that a total of 2,324 patients had received assessment after 12 weeks of Covid-19 infection.

“It was found that 97.5% of them were patients who experienced serious Covid-19 infections, whereby they were in Categories Four and Five," he said.

After the 12th week, assessment of these 2,324 cases revealed that, although 914 cases (39.4 percent) recovered completely from symptoms, 1,410 cases (60.6 percent) persisted to have symptoms, with the majority reporting more than one symptom.

Five of the most frequently reported symptoms, according to Dr Noor Hisham, were fatigue (71.8 percent), difficulty breathing while performing an activity (61.9 percent), coughing (13.6 percent), discomfort (13.2 percent), and difficulty sleeping soundly (11%).

Additionally, analysis of patients after the 12th week of infection revealed that 61.1 percent had no loss of function, 25.6 percent had a negligible difficulty functioning, 3.7 percent had a noticeable difficulty functioning but did not require assistance from another person, and 0.7 percent had a severe difficulty functioning and required assistance from others.

“Without specific treatment, this condition will continue and a longer period is needed for patients to return to their complete function level.

“Long Covid can also cause serious implications such as increase of morbidity, loss of ability, decrease of productivity and loss of income source," he said.

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Dr Noor Hisham urged people suffering long Covid to seek evaluation at a local health facility.

He said that from October 1 to October 30, this year, 5,193 people undertook treatment and rehabilitation monitoring programmes to address long Covid, with 31 public hospitals, 4 university hospitals, and 6 private healthcare institutions involved.

Dr Noor Hisham said in the same announcement that Malaysia reported 6,243 new cases of Covid-19, raising the total number of cases to 2,522,498 since the pandemic started.

“Out of the 6,243 new cases, 106 or 1.7% are in Categories Three, Four and Five while 6,137 cases or 98.3% are in Categories One and Two," he said.

Additionally, there were 5,068 recoveries, bringing the total to 2,430,122 or 96.34 percent of all infections.

24 of the 6,243 new cases were imported, while the remainder were caused by local infections.

There were also 543 patients in the Intensive Care Unit as of Wednesday (Nov 10), 279 cases needing ventilator support, and seven additional clusters.

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