Food Operators Urge ‘Karens’ and ‘Kens’ To Follow SOPs

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  • ‘Karens’ and ‘Kens’ have become complacent and relaxed their guard after almost two years of pandemic fatigue.
  • Food operates encouraged authorities to consider imposing SOP compliance on consumers, rather than only food operators.

Food Operators Urge ‘Karens’ and ‘Kens’ To Follow SOPs

After almost two years of pandemic fatigue, individuals have become complacent and have relaxed their guard as they go out to eat and socialise.

With more virus controls being relaxed, food operators are scrambling to ensure that standard operating procedures are not flagrantly ignored or neglected.

In a statement with The Star, Director Muhammad Riyaaz Syed Ibrahim of Restaurant Hameediyah said that certain guests would refuse to observe SOPs such as monitoring their body temperatures and maintaining physical distancing.

“Following the SOP is a priority for us but some blatantly ignore the rules. Even though we try to advise them, they act like nothing has happened – with some even rudely scolding our staffers.”

“It is hard for the worker on duty to ensure people comply with the SOP as they sometimes get scolded for reminding the customers. As an eatery operator, I am in a tight spot,” he said.

Food operator Hadi Che Nah, 33, shared similar sentiments in an interview with The Star. “If any of my customers violate the SOP while they are at my stall, I would normally advise them first and if they do not want to comply, I will politely ask them to leave.”

“So far, I have not experienced any major difficulties in asking my customers to follow the SOP.”

Hadi also encouraged authorities to consider imposing SOP compliance on consumers, rather than only food operators.

“It is not fair to only compound eatery owners if their customers refuse to adhere to the SOP although they have been advised several times,” he added.

Cheah Seng Keat, 60, a char koay teow seller from Seberang Prai, urged the public to observe the SOP and adopt new norms.

“It is hard for me to ensure SOP compliance among customers during peak hours as I do not have enough staff to monitor them,” he said.

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Datuk Rozali Mohamud, Mayor of Seberang Prai City Council (MBSP), indicated complacency among members of the public may be a result of pandemic fatigue after multiple lockdowns in almost two years; he said in a statement with The Star.

“The public may also feel that they are already protected after being fully vaccinated.”

“Our transition towards the endemic phase and the lifting of the interstate travel ban by the Federal Government does not mean that the country is free from the virus. The government’s easing of rules means that the public should learn how to live with the virus by practising new norms,” he said.

He noted that among the protocols often violated by the public were failing to scan the MySejahtera app upon entry, improperly wearing face masks, and failing to practise physical distancing.

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