Hui Saan Lim

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My name is Hui Saan. I am a senior clinical pharmacist at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust.

We’ve all been a patient, or have family members and loved ones who have been in that position. To a secondary healthcare professional, success is knowing that we have helped even just one life to have breathed easier. That’s all it takes to drive us to do it, again and again.

I have worked in several hospitals serving the NHS, in South East England for my pre-registration year as a trainee pharmacist, then built my pharmacist career in Portsmouth and now I’m in the hustle-bustle of London! I have experienced various specialties such as acute and emergency medicine, respiratory, women and children, general medicine, elderly care. Now, I’m embracing the uncertainties and challenges of critical care and surgery.

The direction in healthcare for me is to have a spirit of compassion. My desire is to improve the overall patient experience, enabling them to go home again to their loved ones is my form of expression in humanity. I have a persistent passion in medicine with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & healthcare industry, alongside a First-Class Master’s Degree focused in MPharmacy from University of Bath.

I look forward to providing my clinical knowledge related to pharmacy on this platform to assist in patient empowerment and education as part of the company's vision.

Email: [email protected]
Social media: Instagram - @saanflower